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Chef Ricardo Sabbado

Chef Ricardo Sabbado

Cozinha Sous-vide: Sabor, textura, aroma e apresentação inigualáveis!


Gastronomy lab

"Guia Prático para Cozinhar em Sous-Vide"


Douglas Baldwin
(Especialista em Sous Vide - mundialmente conhecido).
  Diaro de cozinha

Artigo sobre SousVide Supreme


Ana Claudia

A vácuo chega à mesa.

Ana Cláudia Correia explica o método Sous-Vide


Sous-Vide nos media - Em inglês


food and wine

"...sous vide is a nearly effortless cooking method that can make even mediocre vegetables taste like gold-medal winners."

  food and wine june 2010

“There could not be a more convenient way to cook: Just push a button, drop the plastic bag in the water, and walk away.”

  cooks illustrated dec 2010

“The long slow cooking can turn tough cuts of meat incredibly tender. We followed the simple setup instructions and cooked fish, chicken and steaks – all with perfect results.”

  menshealth dec2011

"...cook your dinner to perfection, with no risk of an overdone dish."

time logo

Time - The Top 10 of Everything 2010

“This technique might be the biggest advance in cooking since the gas oven.”

  New York Times

“Once you sous vide, you never go back...My wife thought I was crazy to get this thing, but already she doesn’t want to eat anything else.”

  425 magazine nov dec 2011

"It cooks vegetables to tender perfection, steaks to order and leaves chicken juicy and full of flavor."

  food network magazine march 2010

“Chefs achieve perfectly-prepared meats by cooking them sous vide.”